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Soul & Survival principles were developed within a number of health clinics over an eight year period. These principles were based on a research project conducted by the Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy with research spanning more than a decade. A link between facial analysis, life patterns and stress responses resulted from the biographical stories and health problems of patients. Practitioners who practice holistic health using Soul & Survival principles include:

  • Analysis of life patterns
  • Analysis of facial structure
  • Analysis of stress responses
  • Examination of energy levels
  • Examination of relationship issues
  • Use of energy enhancing activities such as diet, exercise and lifestyle choices combined with energy enhancing alternative health medicines

Internet consultations

Available with qualified homeopathic practitioners who have completed HFA training (Homeopathic Facial Analysis)

First consultation – includes facial analysis, life patterns, analysis of stress responses, advice regarding diet, exercise and lifestyle and a prescription of an appropriate alternative energy medicine

First consultation - $180 AUD (includes constitutional homeopathic energy remedy for Victorian patients - overseas and interstate patients will be emailed a remedy to purchase - remedies will be sent where requested at no extra charge but may take a few weeks to arrive)

Follow up consultations (monthly intervals) - $100 AUD (four to six follow up consultations recommended)

Payment by credit card

Internet consultations include the patient filling out a comprehensive questionnaire and providing facial photos for analysis plus phone contact with a practitioner (call costs to patient) for each consultation

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Personal consultations

Available with qualified practitioners in the following locations

  • Melbourne , Australia (private health funds apply)


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