Grant Bentley will be regularly sharing his views on Soul & Survival concepts

"Soul & Survival is where spiritual insight is gained from the common human experience"  

       Soul & Survival 1 - introduction

"How the energy inside us works at our micro or personal level is how the energy of life works on a grander universal scale.  To know one is to understand the other"

       Soul & Survival 2 - energy

"Instinctive memory plays a large part in our personality.  Once we understand nature's intention it becomes obvious why we behave the way we do under stress.  The survival instinct dictates our character, our fears and our skills.  Diversity is part of the struggle of all humans.  Our survival instinct is nature's program to keep us alive and to protect us"

       Soul & Survival 3 - defining our survival instinct


Grant Bentley - podcasts about Homeopathy and facial analysis


Grant Bentley weekly online radio show at 8 pm Mondays US east coast with Homeopathy World Community broadcaster Debby Bruck