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Life force is a non-material energetic spark and is the difference between a dead body and a living person. This life force is our survival instinct. To animate and to defend is a function of the survival instinct.

The survival instinct is like a computer program. It is not flexible and its function must always stay within defined limits. Blood sugar can only rise or fall within a small range, otherwise physical health is altered. The same is true for esssential nutrients, gases, fluids and toxins. These normal levels and the body's attempt to maintain them, is call homeostasis. Medical tests are based on homeostatic limits to judge the operating condition of the body.

The survival instinct monitors homeostasis for every part of the body. Stress like blood sugar, must stay within limits otherwise it has social or physical complications. Stress leads to emotional tension and it does not always stop when we relax. Stress occurs when energy levels fluctuate outside their homeostatic limits. Energy that is erratic or exhausted is outside these normal boundaries. Stress can be caused by grief, anxiety, injusticte, sleep loss, poor diet, too much exercise or not enough movement. The best balancer of stress is contentment and happiness along with fresh food and moderate exercise. The happier and more contented we are, the more we show ourselves respect and the less likely we are to abuse ourselves through overwork, poor relationships and chemicals.


When stress takes its toll we experience dysfunction emotionally, socially and physically. In this state outside help is required because we have often lost willpower as well as our way. Counselling prompts learning for the soul. Communication links one mind to another and is an effective release of tension. The counselling room is neutral ground where the survival instinct is placed back in balance, as reasoning rises to counteract the dominance of the survival instinct. However once the counselling room is left behind we often return to the place that is causing the stress. On entering a stressful environment the survival instinct once more becomes dominant because it is surrounded with memories and triggers. Logic suddenly flies out the window as feuding or tension begins. The wise words that soothed the soul and no longer effective because the survival instinct is again dominant. Energy must be balanced at the same time as acquiring knowledge otherwise the chances of success are limited.

Rebalancing energy

Energy can be replenished and rebalanced through increased and more restful sleep, eating foods that have natural energy left in them, moderate exercise and improving the environment. It is important to surround yourself with loved ones as well as activities that are stimulating and creative to you. 

Sometimes external stress and/or the individuals response to that stress can be so deep that more help is required. When applied correctly a homeopathic remedy allows energy levels to reach homeostatic balance again.  The patient feels calmer, stronger and their symptoms subside.  To achieve this deep result, the type of survival instinct the patient has inherited and the totality of symptoms must match the remedy that is chosen for them. The color group of the individual will have a deep impact on their response to specific stresses.