Your Face

Our face is the medium by which we convey emotional needs and desires. Our survival instinct forms facial structure to best suit these needs. Facial features represent our internal emotional nature (not our intellectual nature or free will). Analysing facial features helps us understand the fundamental emotional needs of ourselves and others.

Read Soul & Survival to explain what your facial analysis means. Practitioners can use facial analysis information to select appropriate treatments. Readers of Soul & Survival can visit a practitioner who uses facial analysis, or work through the wizard to do their own analysis.

Practitioners - please see the Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy website for cases, articles and research notes about facial analysis.  The wizard is only accurate if every facial feature is chosen correctly.  Features can be studied with the two clinic books by Grant Bentley - Appearance and Circumstance and Homoeopathic Facial Analysis (companion guide to Appearance and Circumstance)



  • With training tips on how to use facial analysis
  • Free ten day trial - single payment for continued use (no annual fee)
  • Save patient files
  • Move backward and forward through the analysis
  • New features added (not available in the free online version)
  • See the point score


This free online facial analysis software can only be used on devices that support ADOBE FLASH PLAYER



The free online facial analysis (click below) will take approximately thirty minutes.  It cannot be saved and we do not have any records on the data you input.  You will see a final analysis on the last page of the wizard.  You can only move in a forward directioin through the analysis and once each section is completed you cannot go backwards.  This free online version does not contain the following newly added features - eye dimples, a combination of cheekbones/sunken cheeks or eye focus (inward/outward) - if the subject has any of these features the analysis may not be accurate.  Download the 10 day free trial practitioner software to utilise these features in your analysis.